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Making a title with a Text mask

Part 2 of 3


It is time to move on with making our title. After all, we have only just begun. The title thus far is made for a light (white) background. Now that is going to change.

Step 3

Adding a filter

Since all the filters are available let's use one (of course you can experiment and use several) and see what we can achieve.

• Pick a light blue colour tint and make sure you have white as the second colour
• Fill the letters (all) with the blue
• On the Filter menu choose Rendering (the pen-ultimate filer just below Video)
• Choose Clouds from the submenu

Neat, huh?

• On the Mask menu choose Unmask to remove the text mask

Step 4

Adding some effects

Time to add some cool effects. Right click on the layer (in the layer palette) and choose Effects. Add these settings:


Medium gray, 3 pixels

Bevel &

Style: Inner bevel
Highlight: Difference
Shadow: Multiply (default)
Bits: 10 pixels
Blur: 10 pixels

• Click OK

Doesn't look too good, does it? Not to worry, we will make look a lot better.

• Click on Layer 1 to activate it
• Pick the colour black and select the Fill tool
• Fill the layer with black colour

If you have done everything right the title image should now look like this:

Step 5

Adding more text

A black background brings more possibilities than a white.

• Select the Text tool

The text mask tool is the one visible now. Do you remember how to get the hidden tools? Click on the Text mask tool, hold down the mouse button and move the cursor to the Text tool button on the pop up tool bar. The release the mouse button. The Text tool is now selected.

• Click above the text HOMEPAGE

When the Text edit box has opened choose the most beautiful script font you've got (In my case it is one called Aritus B). Since script fonts usually are smaller than other fonts set the size to 30 - 35 (depending on the font) and reset the character spacing (if you haven't done this before) to 0.

• Click in the text box and type "Welcome to my" (without the quotes)
• Position the text horizontally center aligned above the HOMEPAGE text like this:


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