Making a title with filter effect

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The title is almost finished. We could use it as it is but we would like to be just a litle more spiced up. It is time for the final stage.

Step 8

The final stage

The final stage is to add a nice looking background for the text. The page itself is white though, but there really should be something behind the text.

• Click on Layer 1 to make it active
• Click the mid button below to create (add) a new layer

Note that this layer is placed above the first layer and automatically become the active layer.

• Click on the Rectangular mask tool and hold down the (left) mouse button
• Move the cursor to the button with the elliptical mask on
• Release the mouse button to select the tool
• Place the cursor (shaped as a +) between the 'b' in Web and the 'S' in surfers
• Draw an elliptical mask out to the right and downwards so that it covers most of the word Surfers and the whole of the word Club

You can adjust the position of the mask by clicking inside it and drag it with the left mouse button held down.

• Select the Linear toning tool (it's just below the text tool)
• Double click it to open the Preferences box
• Make sure the Radiant drop down list box has the "Foreground to background" selected
• Click the foreground colour in the tool box and select a pale red tint (Background should be white)

Now let's fill the mask.

• Place he cursor inside the mask, above the 'u' in Surfers and as close to the mask edge as you can
• Click, hold down the left mouse button and draw diagonally down to the opposite edge of the mask below the 'b' in Club

As you can see a straight line is drawn with an x in the starting and finishing end.

• Release the mouse button and the mask is filled

However. it doesn't look all that good. We will fix it.

• On the Edit menu choose Reshape and then Size from the submenu

A box (or frame) with eight handles appears around the area we just coloured.

• Place the cursor at the handle in the bottom left corner
• Hold down the left mouse button and pull to the left until the box (frame) almost reaches the word "The"
• Click the Move tool and then Use (Apply) to complete the operation

You can move the ellipse with the Move tool if you want.


That's it!


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