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Making a page title for a Members page

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The differences between a site title and a page title are the size (not always, though) and the
wording. A page title is somewhat smaller, and while the site title usually displays a welcoming
to the site and the name of the site the page title holds the name of the page.

Step 1

Creating the text layers

Let's make a page title for the WebSurfer's Club. They have opened a members only area
and now they need a page title for that page.

• Open a new file (size: 400 x 200)
• Fill Layer 1 with white colour
• Select a colour you like for the first text (I chose dark red)
• Select the Text tool and click where you want the to start

The Edit text box opens

• Choose a font (I chose Britannic Bold) and set the size to 50
• Type in MEMBERS
• Click OK

Position the text with the Move tool if necessary

• Choose another colour (I chose light blue tint)
• Create a new text layer with the text "Area" (without the quotes)
 (Font: A script font, Size: approximately 20 - 25)

• Choose another colour (I chose a green tint)
• Create a third text layer with the text "WebSurfer's Club" (without the quotes)
 (Font: Monotype Corsiva, Size: 20)
• Position the last text above the first half of the word MEMBERS
• Click OK

This is what the image looks like now:

Step 2

Adding effects to the text

Yes, it is time to add effects to the text, starting with the word MEMBERS.

• Right click on the layer, choose Effects and add these effects:


Medium gray, 3 pixels

Bevel &

Style: Inner bevel
Highlight: Bright light
Shadow: Bright light
Blur: 10 pixels
Bits: 10 pixels

• Click OK and you will have an image looking something like this:

The turn has now come to the "Area" text.

• Right click on the layer, choose Effects and add the same effects as for the MEMBERS text
• Click OK
• Right click on the last text layer, choose Effects and add the same effects here too
• Click OK

This would give you an image looking like this:

Why use the same effects for all three text layers? Well, because I am about to show you a
short cut and this short cut can't be used unless the effects are the same.
Right click on one of the text layers and take a look at the pop up menu. Since there are
effects added there is no Effects option available. In the mid part there is an option called
Copy effects. Choosing this copies the chosen effects. Then, when you right click another
layer the pop up menu will display the option Paste effects. Choosing this pastes the effects
onto that layer.

Step 3

Spicing up the text

The page title is nice as it is, but we can make it look even nicer.

• Click on Layer 1 to make it active
• Click the Create new layer button

A new layer is placed above layer 1

• Select the Elliptical mask tool
• Draw an elliptical mask around the word "Area"
• Adjust the mask if necessary
• Select the same colour you used for the text MEMBERS
• Fill the mask with the colour
• Press Ctrl + D to remove the mask

Now let's use that short cut I explained above.

• Make one of the text layers active
• Right click it and choose Copy effects
• Switch to the layer with the button
• Right click and choose Paste effects

This is how the image looks now:


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