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Welcome to my tutorials

I started to write these tutorials upon request from a friend of mine. I really enjoyed
doing it and I actually learned a lot in the process. Hopefully you will find them useful.
Remember that your best tool is your curiosity and the only limit is your imagination.
If you have any questions and / or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me. You will
find the link in the menu (below, left). Enjoy!


Title 1

Title 2

Title 3

Title 4

Title 5

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Below is a list of currently available tutorials with a short description of each. The tutorials
should be read from top to bottom (i.e. starting with Title 1 and ending with Banner). This
is especially important if you are new to graphic creating and / or Photoshop.




Title 1

Title (simple)

Learn how to create a simple title.

Title 2

Title with falling shadow

A simple shadow can considerably improve a title. In
this tutorial you will learn how to use a shadow.

Title 3

Title with attributes

A title could be more than just plain text. Learn how
to use multiple layers and to import a bitmap

Title 4

Title with a Text mask

Using a text mask gives you the opportunity to add a
texture to the text.

Title 5

Title with filter effect

Filters can add a new dimension to a title. Learn how
in this tutorial.

Page Title

Title of subsidary pages

Every page ought to have a title. In this tutorial you
will learn how to create one.

Buttons 1

Buttons pt 1

Learn how to make a simple but cool button


AdBanner (static)

Advertising is important. Learn how to create your
own AdBanner (unless you prefer to order one
from The Banner Factory! *grin*

Important: Since I am not using an English version of Photoshop there might be variations of
some of the menu items mentioned from the version you are using. Also, if you are using an
earlier version of the program it will probably lack some of the features.


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