Making a title with attributes

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In the first two tutorials I have shown a couple of ways to make cool titles. There are many more.
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a title like the one on these pages. It is a bit
more complex and takes longer to make. It also requires use of multiple layers as well as importing
a bitmap picture. I guess the warm up is over :)
Before we proceed let me tell you something about working with layers. Apart from the enormous
freedom the layers provide they also provide numerous possibilities to combine and manipulate
images. You can make them transparent, or partially transparent, and you can easily hide a layer
should it be in the way. I will tell you more along the way.
Let's assume you have a company called "Safeman's Security Equipment". Now you need a title
image for the company's web site. So how do you make one? Well, like I said, there are many ways
and he number is limited only by your ingenuity. This is one way.

Step 1 - 4

Creating the text

First text layer. Since the text tools (except the text mask ones) automatically generate a new
layer it is a good idea to first fill the original layer with the background colour of the page (in this
case white) on which the image is to be used. This makes it easier to see the changes you do.
You can easily hide the layer by clicking on the eye symbol on the left hand side of the layer
• Open a new work space (file) with the size of approximately 450x250 pixels
• Select the Text tool and click on the work space to bring up the text edit box
• Type in the word SECURITY
• Highlight the text and select the font Arial Black (if you don't have it you can use another, e.g.
Impact), set the font size to 40 and select a reddish colour (if you haven't done that already).
• Click OK
You should now have an image looking like this:

Create a new text layer as described above, only this time type in the word EQUIPMENT. The
font should be Courier New (bold), the size 25 and the colour bluish. Position the new text
underneath the first text like this:

Highlight the text (if it isn't) and set the character spacing (the middle box below the font style
list box) to 415. Position the text, if necessary, and click OK. If everything went well your
image should now look like this:

Now it is time for the company name. My thought is to place it diagonally above the SECURITY
text. How this is done will be explained a little later.
To the company name we will use a script font. Since Monotype Corsiva is quite common that
will be the one we use. Create a new text layer (as above) and type in the word Safeman's.
Set the size to 50 pts.
Position the text above the word SECURITY (note how the f drops below the base line) like this:

Then click OK


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