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This is the place where you can download tutorials, fonts and graphics at no cost
(well, apart from your surfing costs). I make a lot of graphics using the .png format,
and learn about it as I go along. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.






The content of this site

I have been talking a lot about .png so you probably think you will only find .png:s here.
Not so. The downloadble graphics are mostly in the .gif format. However, I will try and
get some .jpg and .png up for you to download as well.
Here is a short description of the content here:

Tutorials - Make your own graphics with Photoshop 5
Fonts - A few home made fonts
Graphics - Daringly designed buttons and such
Backgrounds - Some assorted backgrounds

About .png

So why .png? Well, it is a fairly new format (compared to .jpg and .gif) which I have yet
to learn to handle properly. It is better than .jpg because it's lossless. This means you can
compress it and resave it without any loss of quality, just like with a .gif. The .gif however
only support 256 colours while the .png support as many as a .jpg.

You can also make a true colour .png transparent. This will result in a larger file size but in
my opinion the quality makes up for that. The only snag is that transparent true colour
.png:s only work properly in Internet Explorer.

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