Making a title with attributes

Part 3 of 4


Let's leave the text as it is (for now) and see if we can do something to liven up the image somewhat. Well, there is plenty we can do, but we will only do a couple of things.

Step 9 -10

Adding lines

The first thing we will do is to create a new layer. This can be done either by choosing the command on the Layer menu or by simply clicking the New layer button on the layer palette. It is the middle button at the bottom of the palette (to the left of the trash can).
• Select the Pencil from the tool palette and double click it to bring up the Preferences box
• Select the smallest pencil
• Position the cursor (now looking like a short pencil) below the initial S in Safeman's
• Hold down the Shift key (to draw a straight line)
• With the left mouse button pressed draw a line from the beginning of the S to a bit to the right of all the text
• When done release the mouse button
• Now select the Move tool and drag the line in position between the words SECURITY and EQUIPMENT
Note: You may have to adjust the position of the text somewhat to give the line some space.
When done it will look like this:

We could easily leave the image as it is now and be satisfied with it. But we won't :) Let's add another line. This time a vertical one.
• Create a new layer
NOTE: You can draw the second line on the same layer as the first one, but then you will have to get in the exactly right position from the beginning since you won't be able to move it without moving the first line also.
• Select the Pencil and proceed as with the first line
• Draw the line from just above the apostrophe in Safeman's (in height) to slightly below the T in EQUIPMENT
Like this:

At this point I see a need to adjust the top text somewhat. By choosing the Move tool and make the right layer active move the Safeman's a bit higher above the SECURITY text (Note: This is optional!)

Step 11

Adding a bitmap

Let's spice the title up further by adding a pic of a safe (If you want the bitmap to do this click here). The file is named Safe.bmp and can be downloaded together with another pic.
• Open the file
• Select the Magic wand and click in the space around the safe (Tip: Use the corners since there are a little more space; or press Ctrl+A)
You will now see a mask around the edge of the bitmap as well as around the safe itself
• Right click and choose Invert mask from the pop up menu (you can also press Ctrl+Shift+I)
Now only the safe is masked
• On the Edit menu choose Copy (or press Ctrl+C)
• Right click again in the bitmap and choose Unmask from the pop up menu (or press Ctrl+D)
• Close or minimize the bitmap
• Create a new layer and then choose Paste from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+V)
The safe is now pasted in the center of the new layer. Select the Move tool and drag the safe to the place where you prefer it to be. This is my choice:


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