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Graphics and web design. Those are the two corner stones of this site. I have made all
the graphics in this site. The only exception is the Nedstat-button.

The site is divided into separate sections, each with its own colours and design (except
for the Web Design section) The Web design section was put together to give you a few
tips and advice, and it is my hope that you will find it useful. If you like it, or dislike it, or
if you feel I should add (remove) something post a message in the Forum here. Also post
there if you have any questions or comments about graphics and/or web design.

My images
You are welcome to order images. I make them free of charge, but I will be grateful for
any link back to my site.
Important: Although I usually don't charge anything for my work (for personal sites) you
may not sell it or in any way make money out of my graphics. After all, why should anyone
pay you for something you have got for free?
Thank you for respecting this!

L. G Brunkman
Site manager


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Here you will find tips and help
on how to link pictures, which
fonts to use, backgrounds and

The Inside contain my portfolio,
graphics galleries, links to some
sites made by friends of mine

Like my graphics? Want to learn
how to make them? This is the
place! Due to popular demand I
have written some tutorials. You
find them here!

My newest section. Here you can
download graphics as well as my

Have a question about graphics
and / or web design? Post it here
in the forums. You can also post
general questions and questions
about HTML and such.
Choose the forum from the map

The newest section of this site!
(Made public on April 8, 2001)
Lets's face it. Everybody need a
banner (or two) to get noticed on
the Internet.
Take a look and see if this could
be something for you!

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