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Most of the cool graphics I make in Photoshop are results of experimenting with filters and effects. But without a little ingenuity I can safely say I wouldn't have gone very far. Ingenuity is a great tool, if not the greatest. In this tutorial we are going to both effects (again) and a filter (or perhaps two).

Step 1

Creating the text layers

Let us assume that we have been asked to make the title graphic for "The WebSurfers Club". We start as usual.

• Open a new file (450 x 250 pixels)
• Fill the first layer (Layer 1) with white colour
• Create three text layers (common text tool and without quotes) as follows:

    "The" (Font: Monotype Corsiva, Size: 35)
    "WebSurfers" (Font: Britannic Bold. Style: Bold, Size: 60)
    "Club" (Font: Monotype Corsiva, Size: 35)

Choose some colours you like and looks good together.

• With the "WebSurfers" in the middle of the window position the "The" on top of the 'W'
• Then position the "Club" underneath the final 's' in WebSurfers so that the 'C' in Club is right below the 's'.

This is how our image should look like now:

Step 2 - 4

Spicing up "WebSurfers"

We are now going to spice up the "WebSurfers" text, but before that we need to do a couple of things.

• Click on the eye symbol (left hand side) on the "The" layer to hide it
• Perform the same with the "Club" layer
• Click on the "WebSurfers" layer to make it active
• Render the layer

Remember how to do that? This is how: Layer menu > Text > Render layer

Now we can't edit this text anymore. It is no longer a text layer. We can of course undo the rendering if we need to edit the text. Just remember that if you undo the rendering later you also lose everything you have done after the rendering.

• Select the Rectangular mask tool (top left)

The cursor now changes to a + (plus sign, somewhat bigger than this one)

• Click above and to the left of the 'W', hold down the mouse button (left) and draw a rectangular mask around the the word. Not too close to it! Like this:

• On the Filter menu choose Distortion
• Choose Wave from the submenu

A dialog box appears. Here you can see some sliders, some radio buttons and a preview window. Our text looks rather wild right now. We are going to make not quite as wild.

• On the Generator slider (top slider) set the number to 3
• On the Wave type check the middle radio button labeled Triangle
Wave length: Pull the bottom slider of the two to the right so the Max. value reads 662
Wave length: Pull the top slider to the right so the Min. value reads 497

You can't do this in reverse order because the top slider would block the bottom slider to go beyond its position.

• Click OK

This is how the image looks now:

You may wonder about the rectangular mask and the purpose of using it. I use it to constrain the filter effect to take place within a certain area. It can go rather wild otherwise. However, this time it wasn't really necessary.

Time for some effects now. Right click on the layer, choose Effects and add the following settings:


Default settings

Bevel &

Style: Inner bevel
Highlight: Colour shading
Shadow: Bright light
Blur: 25 pixels

• Click OK
This is how the image looks now:


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